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The dependency upon your technology has crippled this obsolescent race of parasites.
We have grown into such violent forms from primitive breed, driven by the inherited, mongering terror within gluttonous minds of greed. Since our inception, the first stages of man’s evolution, we have all been at fault for what is happening to this planet we dwell on. This all was done on our own. Humankind is no longer being invigorating; we must suppress these illusions that monopolize us all to succumb to these manipulative ways of unjust law and indoctrinating order.
Mechanized nation is what we’ve become.
The 21st century, is an age where corruption and war reign throughout our mechanizing masses, we have been enslaved by our own technological advances. In hopes of an easily new found solace, yet we are blinded to see that we are unknowingly conniving in the abandonment of the hand that feeds. We have abandoned our earth, inevitably following on instinct, and creating an inhumane fate for all eyes to see.
Cast into a veil of secrecy, shrouded by our technology that brainwashes us all to believe in these force fed ideologies. Strangling the equality in this fake democracy, characterized by treachery, giving rise to hypocrisy, this rich man’s anarchy. In a world ruled by the elite, our planet’s history is doomed to repeat. Slowly they’ll take our liberty with waves of media, with the purpose of distracting. It seems the advantage of man, to be the weakness after all. For now, we clutch on to the keys to our downfall.


from Obsolescent Existence, released November 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Athanatos New Braunfels, Texas


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